Tue. Feb 20th, 2024


Over the years I have built up a list of websites which I use on a regular basis, some of the are just for fun, but others are good for promotion or other functions.

Eklablog – a great French blog, which I enjoy to contribute to for example the following:-

Comment trouver le travail portfolio fd all about finding FD work.

I enjoy writing about Bermuda also, I love Bermy and have had a house there since 2010.

Follow Hobbies – As the name suggests a site about unusual hobbies.

Adrian Lawrence – Politican for Muxton Telford.

Article Alley of course was a site I spend almost 4 years of my life working on, it now has a temporary home here.  I can’t believe those days are gone and with it the income I used to make at that time.

Etsy – this is a great store and I really love some of the stuff in there, I buy my presents from it each year now.

Kickstarter – a great funding site – I am building up my knowledge before I launch my first attempt at funding on there.

Meetup – a useful networking tool helps bring entrepreneurs together.

BandCamp – a cool music sharing / purchasing site.

Sketchpad – is a sort of art appreciation site / ecommerce store.

There are of course very many others, when I have a few moments I will expand this section further and include more of my favs.

Been a while since I’ve been able to come back and update this section, here are a few valuable resources I’ve come across since last time.

Gravatar – this is part of wordpress and is the source of thumbnails when you join sites you have not previously been a member of.

EU forum – not like me to support the EU – but I recognise a lot of EU politicians want to achieve the same things as I do, which is more sustainable energy and safeguarding of biodiversity.

My Blogger seems to be getting more traction these days, it is a bit clunky to use, but I like it in a sort of retro way.

We have a couple of blogspots now also highlandspring and compelling media, check them out.

Mystrikingly is a great for minisites – FD Capital and Business Intelligence UK are two examples.