Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023

If you are looking to promote your legal website or blog, you may already know of which is a great highquality publishing site, we are in the process of building our own quality publishing platform, it is only early days for the site, so it does not yet have a strong internet presence but each day we are active building links and writing content.

So little by little we are catching up on the big boys in the industry the likes of Buzzfeed and Medium, if you want a quality site and a team that respects and likes to work with its authors, then look no further than

Yes we know the name is a bit unusual but sites like this are called stranger things, boredpanda is one for example, and we were sort of thinking of names like that whilst on holiday in Cape Verde when we found a brass kangaroo in a souvenir shop, I got the souvenir and the idea for the site at the same time!.

Anyway we are actively looking for quality legal authors to join our network and contribute to this site, so in time we will have a lot of good quality legal information to showcase.


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