Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023

A really interesting site I use a lot is called bloglovin, this started out life as a sort of cross between a director of blogs and an RSS aggregator type of site, but it has grown into something bigger and better than that, it now allows you to follow, post articles / blog posts directly on their site plus a load of other interesting stuff.

Over the years I have gradually added my network of sites onto it and today I added Accident Consult onto Bloglovin so we now have a page all to our own!  If you follow the link you will quickly get an idea of the sort of things it can offer, my profile can be found here and you can see some of my other sites from that page.

I like to stick with what I know and I can see the improvements and progress the team behind bloglovin has made over the last few years so I am sticking with them and posting content regularly.

There are a few other places I really enjoy also but I will cover them in a future blog post.

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