Sun. Sep 24th, 2023

Are you seeking a part time Finance Director for your legal partnership, solicitors or barristers chambers?  Increasingly businesses of all forms are recruiting Part-time FD’s who often have mulitple roles at the same time, known as a Portfolio FD, it is a great way to bring onboard to your team senior financial expertise whilst at the same time keeping down costs.

A typical part time FD charges around £500 per day, and you may only need their experience a day per week or a few days per month, if so then why not try using FDCapital they are a London and West Midlands based Financial recruitment specialist.

The difference a senior FD can make is really something and having a regular team member on board gives you access to their broad experience for a lot lower rate than using your own Accountants, and you get the benefit of continuity at the same time.

There are really so many great benefits it is no surprise that this niche is growing very quickly.


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