Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023

FD Capital

My current day job is that of being a Portfolio Finance Director for those of you familar with an FD but not the Portfolio part, that basically means I am an FD for more than one company at once, so doing a couple of days with one and a few days with another, but in total working full time hours.

The roles are very interesting and gives me great satisfaction as well as a good daily pay rate, as part of this effort to get work I have built FD capital which is a website aimed at capturing / generating leads.  The ones which I can’t do myself I pass to my network of contacts so hence keeping the customers happy

I am also working on a mini google website for it, not sure how that will work out but there platform is closely linked to Google Local Business so it ought to help a little at least. also has a question linked to our site which seems helpful!

We now have a MyStrikingly mini site which looks really great also.  It is driving traffic through to our main site a treat check out FD Capital on MyStrikingly.

Some of our url shorteners:- – Goes to our home page – Part Time FD’s – London FD’s – Bham FD’s – Recruit an FD

We are really are progressing with the site now.

FD Capital

FD Capital

Are a couple of examples.

Nice to see content appearing across Amazon, Google and MS properties.

With the importance that the financial manager has within a company, ideally it is present from the beginning , to define the actions that will generate one growth more efficient . When this is not an alternative, the advice of José Manuel García López, specialist in organizational behavior and professor at the Universidad del Istmo, in Mexico, is to pay attention to the signs of the work routine to know when is the right time to hire an executive responsible for the sector.

Amazon has such a strong presence on the web, so its great to have exposure on their site network:-

Amazon USA   Amazon UK , Amazon Oz

The main signal comes when the business manager does not have enough time to pay the necessary attention to their specific functions. Finally, taking care of finances requires time and dedication and the costs of an erroneous management sooner or later have an impact on the results.

The CFO is a person with great responsibility in the corporate bosom . All decisions regarding investment or financing needs go through his office and he plays a relevant role on the Board of Directors. Naturally, they must be trained , since they must carry out their own tasks of analysis, control, management, strategy, negotiations, etc.

We are going to review some of the most common functions that a CFO performs and, based on them, we will analyze the skills required to know what to study:

Good to see progress like this ))

Now we have our own linktree !

And our blog over at Strikingly too ))  Check out

FD Capital has great links into the private equity space, we are close to numerous PE Houses and make good use of sites like Gust, where we pick up some great contacts.

FD Capital on Gust you can see our listing here.