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Accidents are part of life and seeing as we spend a big chunk of our life in the work place, it seems obvious that a fair few will happen there. But certain types of accidents are more likely to happen in certain environments, for example burning yourself if you work with hazardous substances.
There is no way to stop accidents from happening in the work place completely, but it is a duty of your employer to make sure these risks are at a low level. During this article we will attempt to highlight some of the more common types of accidents.

Trips and Slips
Around a third of all workplace accidents are apparently people slipping up or tripping over things. These slips are usually due to wet conditions and the trips are due to bad housekeeping. Everyone has tripped or slipped in their lifetime and you may be thinking it isn’t a big deal, but sometimes they can have quite nasty results. These injuries can be anything from bruised limbs all the way to death if the conditions are bad.
All employers should make sure flooring is safe and secure, cables are kept neat, adequate hand rails are used and most importantly wet surfaces should be clearly marked.

Manual Handling
Another third of workplace accidents are due to manual handling. This is any job activity that incorporates pushing, pulling, lifting, carrying and moving objects. The injuries as a result of these accidents affect the back, arms, tendons and other parts of the body.
To stop these accidents happening, employers should ensure that moving objects should not be over large distances, require twisting, be too heavy and should allow for rest periods.

Traffic Accidents in the Workplace
Many job environment use vehicles, and with these vehicles, comes the danger of accidents. These can be vehicles within warehouses of vehicles coming and go in vehicles. The obvious injury would be, a vehicle hitting you while moving, but they can also involve materials falling from vehicles.
To stop traffic accidents, employers should segregate vehicles and pedestrians with barriers or distance, use one way systems if possible and make sure anyone dealing with vehicles is properly trained.

Whilst these types of accidents can never be predictable, both employees and employers should help themselves to reduce the risk. Common sense can be a life saver in these situations.

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