Tue. Feb 20th, 2024


Our other site is a popular publishing site, well to be more specific we wish it to be amongst the more popular publishing sites, it is currently a relatively new one and is entering into a growth phase, we aspire to get lots of high quality article submissions and develop it to be a top place to publish high quality content, we recognise that we are a long way from that goal at present but are actively working towards that.

Here are some places you can find great Brasskangaroo content:-

Rediff – this is a great site with lots of potential and features one of our posts in its Rediff blog section

We are planning on a fund raising round via the popular kickstarter funding site and my profile is already getting established over there. Our Kickstarter campaign can be found here.

I am building up a blog section on Brasskangaroo as I see that as a great way to keep stuff about the site seperate from the general topics that get published on the main site.

Bloglovin, we love blogs and we lovin bloglovin!  Seriously though this is a great little site and they have a page all about our Brasskangaroo blog on Bloglovin.

I am just working on some video content that should be really useful as the future direction on the internet at the moment is very much driven by video and its potential as a way to break into the non-internet users around the world

Our admin page can be found here, I am planning on expanding this feature as it is a bit “thin” at present but it is one for developer