Tue. Feb 20th, 2024

So back once again with the renegade master…

Well not quite but it has been many many years since this domain and website was put to good use, many years ago we ran a successful claims business, but sadly thoses days are very long since past and we now don’t do that sort of work any longer.

We do however publish and run our own network of premium publishing sites and this domain is now working as part of that to support our network of interesting and fun places.

So here are a few of our websites that are well worth taking a look at

Going legal – this has been around since 2006 we don’t promote it that actively anymore but it is scheduled for a rebuild this year towards the end of Q4 so it maybe 2020 before it is live again.  We also have a spin off mini blog called gone legal, which is a bit of a play on words to say the least.

Brasskangaroo – yes I know the name sounds very odd, but we are developing this site to be one of our core quality publishing sites, its look and feel will be updated in the next few weeks.

Reporting Accounts – This is our company data repository site, it has 2.1million UK companies listed and is growing each month, we plan to revamp the internal page look and feel and actively promote it again from this summer onwards.

FD Capital – Finance Directors in the UK’s capital and West Midlands, my training was as an FCA accountant so it sort of makes sense to be working with a Financial niche recruiter.

Anyway it is good to have Accident Consult back with me, I miss those days of the early 2000’s when this was a success story.


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