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How much compensation for a work accident?

Although strict health and safety regulations are supposed to be in force throughout the United Kingdom, accidents are common and happen regularly. Employers are required by law to take sufficient steps in safeguarding the well being of their employees.Many incidents happen due to inadequate safety training and not being given the appropriate protective clothing, or a failure of machinery and tools. If you have had an accident in your workplace, and it wasn't your fault, you could be entitled to compensation due to loss of earnings or physical/mental suffering. The amount of compensation you receive depends on the severity of your injuries and the amount of time you have been suffering.The most common types of accident and injuries sustained in the workplace are:Slip, trip and fall - most slips are due to spillages, wearing inadequate foot wear, getting your foot caught on electrical wiring, falling over miss placed objects. Common injuries sustained are:Leg Injuries, for a simple fractured femur you could get up to £8,150. Please read this article for more information: Leg Injuries Arm Injuries, a forearm fracture could get you up to £11,200. Look here for more information: Arm Injuries Knee Injuries, which involve torn cartilage or dislocation, could amount to £15,500. Please go to this page for more detailed information about knee injuries: Knee Injuries. Back Injuries, for a crush fracture of the lumber vertebrae you could receive up to the amount of £22,650. More information can be found here: Back Injuries Vibration white finger, this occurs when there is repeated use of a vibrating tool on a regular basis. In the worst possible case you could be awarded up to £22,400. More information can be obtained here:Vibration White FingerMore information about the amount of compensation awarded to different types of injuries sustained can be found here: Claim Calculator.It is not an expensive process to claim, you can find yourself a lawyer who works on a “no win no fee” basis, which is simple really. Who ever loses pays the costs, but you can take out insurance against losing, so claiming can be a risk free process.If you would like to make a claim then Accident Consult can help. Accident Consult is a team of qualified and professional lawyers who are experts in dealing with work accident compensation claims. If would like free and impartial advice call them on: 08081 68 69 70.
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