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If you have suffered or sustained an injury in the UK within the last 3 years, the first step is for you to either complete our online form or alternatively contact our friendly advisors on 08081 686970. The second step is for our
advisors to talk you through the whole process step by step over
the phone where we shall
explain the likely outcome of
the case.
Once we have evaluated the case we shall give you a decision immediately over the phone on whether to pursue the case. The process for the claim will begin immediately. Once your claim is underway, we’ll keep you informed of progress and when you win the case, you’ll receive the compensation you deserve.

Remember, win or lose you will not pay any money.
There are absolutely no hidden costs.

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My personal thanks and gratitude for the professional representation and personal guidance provided during this claim. If I should ever be in the unfortunate position of needing legal representation
again, I hope you
wouldn't mind if I
were to call on
your services.

Mr Glynn, Wigan

Claim Calculator

When calculating the amount of compensation you may be entitled to, a lot of different aspects need to be taken in consideration. The type of accident, the extent of the injuries suffered, how long you suffered physically and emotionally. Financial loss could be the treatment cost to your injuries, rehabilitation, lost income from days off work, pain and suffering, emotional distress as well as physical losses are all important factors being considered in the estimation of the monetary compensation. You may have damage to your personal property that needs to be recovered.

We offer you guidelines for each particular personal injury and can give you a rough estimate of the amount of compensation you could be entitled too.

£3,800 to £11,200
£2,300 to £3,450
£8,150 to £11,200
£1,000 to £1,400
£5,100 to £6,600
£750 to £86,500
£4,575 to £58,500
£1,300 to £165,500
£4,300 to £81,500
£4,000 to £74,000
£2,000 to £14,000
£2,550 to £15,250
£8,150 to £56,000
£3,300 to £40,750
£7,375 to £32,000
£5,350 to £79,000
£1,300 to £8,200
£500 to £117,000
£2,300 to £6,350
£1,300 to £235,000

Remember each case will be different and the serverity of the case will have effect on your awarded amount. The top end of the scale is for very serve cases of each accident, the lower end of the scale is for minor cases of each accident.

For more details look at the articles listed on the right.

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